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The Oval Professional Class badge has a classic feel perfect for all Keller Williams Agents. It’s sturdy, suitable for all day wear. The multi-layered beveled metal frame provides a strong, dimensional look while keeping the badge very lightweight. For protection, a clear, scratch-resistant film is applied to the face of each badge.

For further enhancement look and durability, we recommend our 3D Crystal Doming option.


The clean, crisp, ultra-detailed graphics of this badge are the result of our state of the art digital printing process. Your information will be printed in vibrant full color on your choice of brushed silver, brushed gold, or white* and then adhered to the metal frame.

*If a white backdrop is chosen, your logo and text will show through to the frame color.


Without a fastener, this badge weighs 0.5 oz

Dimensions: 2.85” wide x 1.75” high



Oval Professional Templates

Associated Blank Product